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1216 Broadway, 2nd Flr
New York, NY, 10001

Life Coach NYC, Personal Development Coach, Leadership Coach, Career Coach, Mindfulness Coach - Coaching Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives to Wake Up and Live Better. 


I've discovered I have a knack for home organizing. I get an itch any time I walk into a space that feels heavy, cluttered, or discordant. So I guess it makes sense that moving furniture around and creating a more balanced space is one of my favorite things to do... it also turns out that I'm pretty good at it. 

If you're feeling a little overwhelmed with your home space and would like some help decluttering, organizing and balancing, I might be able to help. I also employ 7+ years of coaching experience to determine the practical changes we can make that will work with your personality and lifestyle. 

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With a little planning and a fresh perspective, your home can finally be your sanctuary.