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1216 Broadway, 2nd Flr
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Life Coach NYC, Leadership & Development Coach, Career Coach - Coaching Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives.

What is Career Coaching?

the wake-up  

Career Coaching is an exploratory process - we'll explore your values, strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, and everything in between. In conjunction with an internal exploration, we'll also determine external avenues of exploration for you to follow in order to find the career paths and options that are most aligned with who/where you are, and who/where you want to be. I've helped many clients over the years to embark on more purposeful, fulfilling career paths that "just feel right" and have allowed them to thrive both personally and professionally. I also try to lighten things up sometimes. It's serious work, but you gotta laugh at yourself too. 

the action plan

Clients who are just looking for Career Coaching should plan on committing to a minimum of five (5), 55-minute phone/Skype sessions over the course of 2 - 3 months. Of course we can also schedule the sessions more or less often depending on your schedule and preferences. If you would also be interested in sharpening your leadership skills or acquiring practical mindfulness tools, check out the What is Leadership Coaching and What is Mindfulness Coaching pages. If you would like help in multiple areas including time-management, relationships, self-care, or any of those mentioned above, please visit the What is Life Coaching page. 

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