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Leadership Coaching

the wake-up  

Leadership is a skillset. Some people may be naturally more adept at it than others, but most anyone can acquire and practice the skills necessary to be a strong, respected leader. The process of Leadership Coaching starts with combing through your current, and past, roles to identify which skills you could sharpen and/or add to your leadership toolbox. These skills might include team-building and delegating, as well as being a more effective communicator and motivator. Awareness is key - simply having awareness of the areas that need optimizing can inspire a positive shift in your leadership ability. We'll also explore your values, strengths, and weaknesses, in order to gain a better idea of the type of leader you're cut out to be. 

the action plan

Clients who are just looking for Leadership Coaching should plan on committing to a minimum of five (5), 55-minute phone/Skype sessions over the course of 2 - 3 months. Of course we can also schedule the sessions more or less often depending on your schedule and preferences. If you think you might be looking for more specific career help or perhaps you want to pick up some practical mindfulness tools, check out the What is Career Coaching  and What is Mindfulness Coaching pages. If you would like help on multiple areas including time-management, relationships, self-care, or any of those mentioned above, please visit the What is Life Coaching page. 

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