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Mindfulness Coaching

the wake-up  

Mindfulness is about finding that perfect balance between acceptance and intention. Unfortunately, we don't live in a very mindful world, but that doesn't mean that we can't create more of one for ourselves. In fact, your inner world has more impact on your outer world than probably anything else. So, wouldn't it make sense that if you're going to try to control anything, it should be what's going on in your head?

The process of Mindfulness Coaching starts with becoming an observer of your mind and what you're thinking about every day. What are the unproductive, self-limiting thoughts and beliefs that are being generated and churned around in your mind throughout your days, weeks, months, years? Through enhanced awareness of your thoughts you'll learn to utilize practical mindfulness tools to help you better navigate what's going on internally and in your life overall. Through practice, you will become calmer, happier, and more productive.

the action plan

Clients who are just looking for Mindfulness Coaching should plan on committing to a minimum of five (5), 55-minute phone/Skype sessions over the course of 2 - 3 months. Of course we can also schedule the sessions more or less often depending on your schedule and preferences. If you think you might just be looking for career or leadership help, check out the What is Career Coaching and What is Leadership Coaching pages. If you would like help in multiple areas including time-management, relationships, self-care, or any of those mentioned above, please visit the What is Life Coaching page. 

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