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1216 Broadway, 2nd Flr
New York, NY, 10001

Life Coach, NYC, Executive Leadership Coach, Personal Development Coach, New York - Coaching Leaders, Entrepreneurs, and Creatives to be more Confident, Productive, and Fulfilled.

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Sometimes... in order to be a great leader, you need to chill the fuck out.

Approaching leadership with a loose grip isn't about losing control, it's about enhancing performance.

Through a series of 30-minute talks, including workshop-style tutorials and exercises, Loose-Grip Leadership helps participants learn how to empower their teams to be productive, self-sufficient contributors to the organization's mission and bottom line: 

  • Dig deep to determine what kind of leader you're already set up to be
  • Learn how to ask powerful questions and better delegate to employees
  • Acquire tools to develop a vision/mission for your team and/or business
  • Employ a new style of communication designed to engage and empower
  • Learn to harness and utilize your personal resources to lead more effectively
  • Develop a new set of leadership tools to make "leading" a more fluid experience



Other topics may include: mindfulness, work/life balance, time-management, and optimizing productivity.


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