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The Wake-Up



Stop Procrastinating! Maybe Later...

John Kalinowski


Whatever goals you had this year, there’s still time to make something happen. Of course, that will require you to buckle down, show up, and stop procrastinating.

Procrastination isn’t a condition that you are afflicted by; it’s a lack of self-discipline. Just like a muscle, you can train and build it. You just need two things:

  • Identify your anchor habits - the ones that make everything else go, such as sleep, diet, exercise, and self-limiting chatter. Commit to working on one of them for the next few months. After you get one down, then work on the next one.

  • Identify one small unrelated habit, such as putting your coat away when you get home, making your bed every morning, or doing your grocery shopping every Sunday. After you get one down, then work on the next one.

You will most likely start off strong then fall off the wagon from time to time. But that’s part of building a new habit: allowing ourselves to fall off the wagon sometimes and giving ourselves credit when we get back on. It also usually requires regularly coaxing and prodding ourselves to, “do it now,” “just do it right now,” cuz “you can do this.”

Perhaps you would love to be the person who works out every morning, but cannot even conceive of how to do it. Start with the anchor habit of setting a bedtime for yourself, thereby laying the groundwork to get up earlier, and building your self-discipline muscle.

Self-discipline is a capacity that you can build through all of these smaller and/or anchor habits so that you can start to take on larger goals. Every area of our lives is connected to every other area. Every seemingly insignificant habit that you are able to integrate into your life sets the stage for you to incorporate more and more over time.

In fact, the real anchor habit for overcoming procrastination may actually be patience.


Happy Holidays! #redpill